1001 Fun Class Activities & Learning Games

Have a LAUGH with MATH ! – Teach kids to EXTRACT the confidence to ACT !
Amuse and AMAZE with ARTS and CRAFT DAYS ! – Raise many CHUCKLES with LOGICAL PUZZLES !
Knock them for SIX with cool MAGIC TRICKS ! – Teach ESL students to SPELL and then STORYTELL !
For lesson plans to SUCCEED, this book you MUST READ ! – Fuel their passion for SCIENCE and hear no DEFIANCE !
Learning games help TRAIN their left and right BRAIN ! – Public speaking is ESSENTIAL for unlocking their POTENTIAL !
Memory games will ENTHRALL and build percentage RECALL ! – Small hands will RUB at the sight of HEALTHY GRUB !
Get ready to GASP at their ability to GRASP ! – Research has SHOWN play keeps the brain in the ZONE !
Icebreakers kickstart your YEAR while new friendships APPEAR ! – Develop their SENSES with ZERO EXPENSES !
Group games are SUPREME for teaching the concept of TEAM ! – Activities GALORE leave kids wanting MORE !
To teach with more GUSTO, this book is a MUSTO ! – 1001 ! Non-stop educational FUN !
When it comes to tech in the class, this book’s got your BACK;
demonstrate safe, focused use, whether iPAD, WINDOWS or MAC !

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