10 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids | How-to Videos

Clacts - 10 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids How-to VideosWe’ve uncovered 10 of the best how-to magic trick videos from YouTube to teach kids how to perform easy magic tricks. All the way from start to finish, these 10 awesome magic tricks are shown step by step so that children can perfect their magic skills and wow their friends.

The ideas drama activity for children between 6-12, these magic trick videos use simple instructions to make magic fun and achievable for kids. Educational activities such as magic can help children develop communication and visualization skills as well as instill within them a sense that hard work and practice equal fantastic results.

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – Floating Ketchup Trick

A very cool trick that never fails to impress a lot of people, here’s how to make a pack of ketchup float and sink at your command, even though you can’t even touch it because it’s sealed inside a bottle!

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – Coin Trick

Described by the magician as ‘the easiest coin trick in the world’, this simple trick for kids involves making a coin ‘sandwich to make money disappear before your very eyes. An easy magic trick to master for younger kids.

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – The Rattle Box Trick

Why is it when you rattle the box it make a noise but when they do it, there’s no sound? Weird right! Well, this easy magic trick asks the audience to trust their eyes or ears but not both! Very simple, lots of fun and the ideal first magic trick to learn.

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – Floating Cup Trick

Here’s a fun icebreaker activity. While everyone is enjoying refreshments from their Styrofoam cups, finish the liquid in yours and tell a classmate to watch carefully, because you have the magic power to make a cup float in mid air without touching it!

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – Cup & Balls Trick

The cup and balls trick is an old con artists favorite. In this video you’ll learn how to perform the trick quickly and easily but with amazing effect because not only will your audience be amazed but they can also enjoy a treat afterwards.

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – Turn Water To Ice Instantly

With a touch of your finger, you can turn water to ice instantly like you have just acquired Elsa’s ice powers. If your kids love Disney’s Frozen then they are sure to love this awesome science meets magic trick that they can perform at home.

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – Easy Rope Trick

The knot looks strong, right? Well how was it so easy for you to untie it with a simple hand movement! Kids will enjoy practicing this one until they get it right because when they do, the audience will be amazed and make all that effort worthwhile.

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – How to Move a Pen with Your Mind

This kid’s magic trick couldn’t be simpler. In fact, it may even befuddle a few adults when they see it for the first time. And when they learn the secret behind it, they will want to perform it for everyone they meet.

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – Balloon Skewer Trick

Make your audience gasp as you pierce a balloon all the way through without it bursting! All you need is a balloon, a skewer and some washing up liquid to perform this cool party trick.

Easy Magic Trick For Kids – Card Trick

We couldn’t end this list without featuring at least one card trick. Actually, we found one video that features 2 easy card trick for kids performed by… a kid.

Make sure you heap a ton of praise on your young magicians to build their confidence and enthusiasm for magic that will help them develop in other areas. As far as educational classroom activities go, magic is right up there.

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10 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids | How-to Videos

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