11 Cool Keyboarding Games For Kids

Clacts - 11 Cool Keyboarding Games For KidsKids love keyboarding games because it combines an innate attraction to technology with playtime. Learning to type also makes it easy for children to use a computer more effectively at home or in other classes. Even when they become experts at typing, your kids can use these activities as finger warm-up exercises before typing for extended periods.

This list of 11 cool keyboarding games for kids do not focus on touch typing – that wouldn’t be fun. Instead, these typing activities are designed to develop speed and accuracy – a free online keyboarding tool is perfect for testing kid’s typing speed and accuracy – using the QWERTY keyboard so that they can become proficient in keyboarding for further education and future careers. And best of all, children have a great time while learning!

1. Alphabetype

How fast can your students type the alphabet? Time how quickly they complete A through Z and then see if they can beat their time and even be the fastest in the class.

To make things interesting, tell them they must start the challenge from a random letter in the alphabet, go through to Z, start back again at A and then get back to the letter they started from.

Too easy? Can they complete the normal or random Alphabetype challenge backwards?

2. Sentence Races

Divide the class into teams of 4 or 5 and assign them each a number from 1 to 4 (or 1 to 5 depending on the team size). Write sentences on the board and number them up to the number of members in each team.

Now, when you say “Go” all the number 1’s must sit at the computer and type the first sentence. When complete, they get out of the seat and number 2 in the team sits down to complete sentence 2. And so on until all sentences are complete. The first team to complete all sentences with 100% accuracy wins.


Our American Football-Themed learning game is perfect for creating some friendly competition in the class. Instead of asking trivia questions, give each team 30 seconds to type out a complicated sentence to gain yards and score a TOUCHDOWN!

4. Simon Says

While typing text from a textbook, call out actions to the class that they must perform while typing. Say, “Simon says…” and then add an action. For example, “Simon says raise your right hand” and the kids must raise their right hand and continue typing with only their left hand.

This can be a timed keyboarding activity. See how fast students can complete the text while doing the actions and give a 10 second penalty for any students not following what Simon says.

5. Shrek and Donkey

Divide the class into two teams. One side is Team Shrek and the other is Team Donkey. Shrek and Donkey are in a tag-team 100m race to see who can type the fastest. BUT! The key to winning this race is accuracy.

The teams will take it in turns to go head to head with a member of the opposite team to see who can type a perfect sentence first. For every sentence win, their team moves forward 10 meters in the 100m race between Shrek and Donkey.

6. I’m All Thumbs Today

Divide the class into teams of 5 and assign them each a finger; thumb, index, middle, ring, and pinky. Write a sequence of numbers on the board; one for each finger. For example, write “Thumb: 387379523840374039641936589747530293281”.

Now, when you say “Go” all the ‘thumbs’ must sit at the computer and type the first number but they can only use their thumbs to type. When complete, they get out of the seat and the ‘indexes’ sit down to complete their number using only their index fingers. And so on until all numbers are complete. The first team to complete all numbers with 100% accuracy wins.

Need An Accurate Typing Tester? Speed Typing Online offers this free and easy online typing test to time how fast and accurate your students can type. Use one of their fun templates or create your own.

7. Need for Speed

This is an individual keyboarding activity for individuals. Using the 5 sequences of numbers you wrote on the board for I’m All Thumbs above instruct the class to type out the word for every number in the sequence. So for “896534921” they must type out “eight nine six five …”

Of course they can use all of their fingers to type. Time the class to see who can finish first. To make it harder, instruct the students to use Capitals for each word or add punctuation marks between words.

8. This Hand is Your Hand, This Hand is My Hand

Split the class into teams of two. With two chairs at each computer, the two students will work together to complete a paragraph from your class textbook, with one stipulation… the student sitting on the left can only use their left hand and the student on the right must type with their right hand.

Watch them work as a team to type words with letters found in the middle of the keyboard. After they finish the paragraph, tell them to swap seats and type the next one. Switch partners if any trouble ensues.

9. Flash Cards

Prepare a collection of flashcards with words of various sizes and making use of letters which aren’t used as often. Lots of Z, Q and X words. One at a time, flash the cards to the students for them to type quickly.

As a variation, try saying the word without revealing the card and they must type it out before checking with the correct spelling when you reveal the card.

10. Tuned In

Use this fun typing activity to teach children how to do transcriptions by typing out the words to a song as its being played. Of course, it will be difficult at first and so you may want to tell them to just type the chorus, which will be repeated more than once in the song giving them more than one chance to type and correct it.

Some great songs to play during this activity are classic party songs from our must-have class playlist like Monster Mash and Dancing Queen. Who Let The Dogs Out is definitely too hard!

11. Switcharoo

Just for fun to lighten the mood and give the students a break from typing drills, tell them they must cross their right hand over their left and try to type a long sentence from the board. No time challenge, no 100% accuracy, no stress. Just for laughs for them to feel how weird it is to move opposite hands when their brains aren’t wired that way.

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