117 Cheap Prizes and Rewards in the Classroom

Clacts - 117 cheap prizes rewards and party bagsOffering the reward of a prize during classroom games for kids is an excellent way to reinforce positive behavior. No matter what learning activities you’ve got going on, having great prizes on hand is one of the best resources for teachers to motivate young children to pay more attention in class and see learning as fun.

The following 117 cheap prizes can be collected on any budget, while many can be picked up for free from education expos, toys from kid’s meals, and unwanted toys lying around your home or from the homes of other teachers.

The list below has been divided into categories so that if you wish, you can make up little goodie bags for a school or class party or even as party bags for your child’s next birthday party.


1. Friendship bracelets

2. Scrapbooks to fill in class

3. Personalized pillowcases

4. Printed and framed selfie snapshots

5. Poster-size photos of friends


6. Inexpensive magic tricks

7. Rabbits feet for good luck

8. Decks of cards to practice at home

9. Magic wands for little Harry Potters

10. Children’s books about magic tricks


11. Second hand stationery that’s still useful

12. Homemade sock puppets

13. Scarves made from old clothes

14. Collector boxes made from cleaned out ice-cream tubs


15. Inexpensive craft kits

16. Craft instruction books

17. Decorated t-shirts

18. Clay recipes and ingredients


19. Fashion accessories like scrunches, scarves, hair ribbons, hats and socks.

20. Small personalized mirrors

21. Kid’s fashion magazines


22. Pillowcases signed with names of all classmates

23. Pillowcases featuring cartoon characters

24. Funky throw pillows

25. Stuffed cuddly animals


26. Homemade musical instruments

27. Song books to learn music at home

28. Harmonicas and recorders

29. Printed song lyrics or CD booklets to sing along at home

30. Posters of famous pop stars


31. Figurines of popular cartoon characters

32. Comic books

33. Balloons featuring cartoon characters

Q: Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon? A: Because she will Let it go.


34. Grass skirts for boys and girls

35. Anklets made from tiny shells and string

36. Beach balls

37. Water balloons


38. Flag pillowcases

39. Athlete-style snacks

40. Personalized sweatbands

41. Olympic flag and medallions

42. Chocolate medals wrapped in gold, silver and bronze foil

43. Pocket games

Arty Party:

44. Watercolor paint sets, crayons and assorted brush pens

45. How to draw and coloring books

46. Drawing and sketch pads

47. Art books for kids


48. Baby bottles filled with jelly beans or other treats

49. A diary to write down their thoughts

50. Signature books with page one filled with classmates’ signatures


51. Candy snakes and other gummy bugs

52. Plastic bugs, spiders and snakes

53. Monster makeup kits, wax lips and teeth and masks

54. Scary story books about monsters


55. Front page from day each child was born

56. Book featuring a popular newspaper comic strip


57. Hilarious joke books

58. Child-friendly face paints

59. Giant glasses, clown feet and funny noses

60. Fake vomit and other gag accessories


61. Mystery puzzles

62. Unwrap chocolate bars and rewrap them in foil so they don’t know what they are


63. Glow in the dark t-shirts

64. Tarot cards

65. Fortune telling books

66. Candles

67. Flower crowns


68. Homemade biscuits

69. Biscuit recipe books and biscuit cutters

70. Chocolate gold coins

71. Giant lollipops


72. Butterfly nets

73. Mini picnic baskets

74. Frisbees

75. Wacky sunglasses


76. Fun cooking utensils

77. Children’s cookbooks

78. Crazy decorated aprons

79. Party food recipes

80. Tall chef’s hat

81. Ingredients for an easy to make at home recipe

Q: What do you call a fake noodle? A: An Impasta


82. Key rings

83. Address books

84. Small picture books with a travel theme

85. Compasses and explain how to use them

Spanish Fiesta:

86. Sombreros, ponchos and castanets

87. Spanish picture books

88. Piñatas

89. Spanish children’s songs on CD


90. Small plastic farm animals

91. A book about farms

92. Basket of fruit and veg

93. Farmer’s hat

94. Books about horses


95. Toy or stuffed dinosaurs

96. Build it yourself dinosaur skeletons

97. Dinosaur coloring in books


98. Books about space exploration

99. Freeze dried foods

100. Glow in the dark stars for their bedroom ceiling

101. Toy telescopes to look at the stars


102. Mini torches

103. Magnifying glasses

104. Mystery books for young kids

105. Inexpensive detective kits

106. Plastic glasses with nose disguises

Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest? A: An Investigator


107. Nature books about insects, plants, birds and animals

108. Bug catcher jars

109. Seed packets

110. Gardening kits for things to grow at home


111. Gold coins for their treasure chest

112. Eye patches (one per child ha!)

113. Plastic swords

114. Fake jewelry

Wild West:

115. Plastic cowboy hats

116. Bandanas and belt buckles

117. Water guns to cool off

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