15 Fun Drawing App iPad Activities For Children

Clacts - 15 Fun Drawing App iPad Activities For ChildrenDrawing app iPad activities for children are easy and fun ways to introduce educational technology in the classroom. More and more kids are playing with iPads, iPhones, tablets and smartphones at home and schools have the opportunity to teach kids how to use iPads as a learning tool.

What makes iPad activities so great is the fact that there’s no planning, set-up or cleaning involved. No messy fingers means no messy classroom or teacher. iPads are surprisingly intuitive for kids to use and very stimulating when used in small doses.

The following iPad apps are free to use but some may include ads so make sure you turn off Wi-Fi before each activity to prevent kids tapping on the ads, sharing images to social media or sending emails.

Additionally, to keep each activity safe and prevent broken screens when checking their work, ask your kids not to hold the iPad up in the air. Instead, simply tilt the iPad towards you to make the screen turn or play each activity on a floor mat.

Hello CrayonsClacts - Hello Crayons Kids Art App

Hello Crayons is a simple drawing app for iPad that lets children create realistic drawings with crayons. It includes a paint bucket fill tool so make coloring in fast and fun. Images are saved to the camera roll so you can send to parents or print from a computer.

App Art Activities:

  1. Shout out a shape and color and see who can complete it the fastest. Shapes must have an outline and filled using the bucket fill tool.
  2. A quick game to fill time between lessons, shout out an instruction that they have to draw. For example, say, “Draw something that is red”, (or blue, green, yellow, etc.) and see what they come up with. The beauty of this quick classroom game is that there are no right or wrong answers.
  3. To enhance their drawing skills, give them an art project to draw an animal they would see at the zoo.
  4. Hold up a famous work of art, tell them the artist’s name and their task is to recreate that artwork into their own masterpiece.
  5. While reading a story, pause at certain buzz words and repeat them for your kids to draw a picture of what that word means on their iPad – perfect when you want your students to remember new words or to test their knowledge.

Download Hello Crayons from the App Store.

All Apps In This Series:

  • Hello Crayons
  • Hello Color pencils
  • Hello Chalk

Doodle BuddyClacts - Doodle Buddy Kids Art App

Doodle Buddy for iPad takes the concept of Hello Crayons a few steps further by adding thousands of more colors, playful stamps with funny sounds, the ability to insert glitter and text and you can even draw right on top of a photograph. It’s easy to undo any mistakes and starting over is a breeze by simply shaking the iPad.

App Art Activities:

  1. Take a selfie or a photo of a classmate on the iPad and start changing their hairstyle, adding crazy accessories, changing clothing colors and anything else that comes to their imagination.
  2. Write a short sentence on their canvas and ask them to make the story come alive by swapping out words for sketches or stamps.
  3. Great for the classroom and a fun car activity, Hangman brings art and wordplay together into the same children’s game.
  4. Christmas art activities get everyone into the spirit of the season. Challenge your students to design a Christmassy scene complete with Christmas tree, snowflakes, snowman and lots of gifts. Simply add the text “Merry Christmas From [KID’S NAME]” and it becomes a cool Christmas card they can email their loved ones. This can also be run as a Halloween art activity or any upcoming seasonal event.
  5. Divide your students into pairs: one student will be the artist and the other is the model. The artists will have 15 minutes to sketch a colorful portrait of their model before swapping roles. See who can capture the characters of their models.

Download Doodle Buddy from the App Store.

Make a Scene: FarmyardClacts - Make A Scene Farmyard Kids Art App

Make a Scene Farmyard is an animated sticker app for children using descriptive audio and voice-overs, engaging animations and fun sound effects on a number of entertaining and educational settings. Images are saved to the camera roll so you can send to parents or print from a computer.

App Art Activities

  1. Let your kid’s imagination go wild as they develop a scene from background to working farm. No rules in this classroom art project. They can create any farm they like and insert all sorts of stickers, which will automatically create a depth of field and bring their scene to life.
  2. When teaching the class about where vegetables come from, get them excited about learning more with the vegetable farm scene. They must select which vegetables they want to grow and insert machinery, crops and a field to plant them in; and don’t forget the scarecrow!
  3. Set up an animal farm scene complete with all the animals available in the app and see if the kids can guess what sound each animal will make.
  4. Sing “Old McDonald Had A Farm” with your class and let them decide what was on the farm. As they generate more and more ideas in the song, they must put them into their scene.
  5. Divide the class into groups of 3 to co-create on a project. This app features multi-touch capabilities meaning more than one sticker can be moved around the screen at one time and no-one argues over whose turn it is. Give out instructions to the class and see which team can complete their scene with all the correct features.

Download Make A Scene: Farmyard from the App Store.

All Apps In This Series:

  • Make A Scene: Farmyard
  • Make A Scene: Safari
  • Make A Scene: Outer Space
  • Make A Scene: Under The Sea
  • Make A Scene: Jungle
  • Make A Scene: Polar Adventure
  • Make A Scene: Princess Fairy Tales
  • Make A Scene: Dinosaurs
  • Make A Scene: Christmas

Teaching with iPads is a fun and interactive way to engage children’s natural sense of creativity. iPad activities for children will provide hours of entertainment and are a great way for kids to play and learn. So have fun creating awesome pictures with your students with these fun iPad art projects for kids and remember to share with parents.

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