16 Arts and Crafts Kids Halloween Activities

Halloween is truly the ultimate children’s holiday and we’ve got an awesome 16 arts and crafts kid’s Halloween activities to get everyone in the mood. No other day of the year gives kids the chance to get together with other kids, dress up in weird and wonderful costumes, play fun party games, make spooky crafts and decorations, and earn treats.


Why don’t ghosts like rain?

Because it dampens their spirits!


1. Squishy Spider: Arrange black pom poms, scissors, glue, black thread and needle, black felt, and googly eyes on a desk. Your kids will cut four strips of black felt and glue the middle of the strips to the underside of the pom pom. They can now glue the eyes to the front and pass the thread through the top of the pom pom out the bottom and back through the bottom and out the top. Cut the thread with enough length that allows the spider to hang from their desk lamps or doorway.

2. Wall Webs: Teach your kids how to cut lengths of yarn and dip them in a bowl of glue. They will now arrange the yarn on a piece of wax paper, first in a star shape and then in a criss-cross pattern to complete their webs. When dry, the web can be peeled from the wax paper and hung somewhere at home.

3. Creep and Carry: Bring some canvas shopping bags to class and invite all your students to personalize their bags with Halloween paintings and other spooky decorations in time for trick or treating.

4. Travel Bats: Help your kids draw the outline of a bat from a stencil onto black card and use silver pencils to add eyes and fangs. They will then cut out the shape. Now they paint a wooden clothes peg all in black and glue it to the bat wings. Your kids can clip their bats on their clothes, on their bags, or around their house.

Clacts - 16 Arts and Crafts Kids Halloween Activities5. Floating Pumpkins: Show your kids how to draw the outline of pumpkins and ghosts, which they will draw on orange and white construction paper before carefully cutting them out and leaving a square at the top. They then use black markers to add eyes and a mouth to their pumpkins and ghosts. When their designs are finished, wrap the square over some string and glue it to the back of the cutouts. Hang the string with many alternating ghosts and pumpkins for a spooky Halloween class decoration.

6. Popup Poltergeists: Give your kids a piece of black card and tell them to fold it in half. Now make four parallel cuts about one inch long across the folded edge, with two sets of two lines about one inch apart. Open the card and push the cut areas into the card to make two flaps. Now show the kids how to draw two spooky ghosts just shorter than the width of the folded card and stick them on the flaps. Now glue orange card to the black, which is now the outside of the card. To finish, your kids write their Halloween message on the front. The card receiver will get a spooky surprise when they open the card.

7. Unlucky for Some: Give your kids a piece of black card that they will fold in half before drawing a black cat on the front. The cat should be drawn in such a way that the tail spirals up the fold from bottom to top. The kids now cut out their cat outline, glue on some googly eyes, and add a mouth, whiskers and a Halloween message using silver crayons.

8. Halloween Halves: Print outline drawings of vampires, ghosts, bats, witches, and other spooky Halloween things. Cut the outlines in half and hand each student one half of the outline. They will then place it on their own paper and complete the other half. They will then find a classmate that has drawn their missing half and tape their completed drawings together to hang on the wall.

9. Vampire Vocabulary: Write the letters A to Z on the board and ask students to come up with a word related to Halloween for each letter. Whenever a student offers a word, they must act or make the sound of that person, animal, object, or emotion.

10. Frankenfashion: Inform your kids and parents about your upcoming Halloween party in class and invite all students to come to class in fancy dress. In class, you will award prizes for a variety of categories (one prize for each student).

11. Haunted House: Instruct your kids to place a piece of yellow construction paper on top of black. They now draw a large house and cut it out through both pieces of paper. Now draw windows and doors on the black paper only and cut out three sides of each to make flaps. Glue the yellow paper to the back of the black. Draw ghosts, bats, and zombies on the yellow paper behind the flaps. Now glue the house to dark blue construction paper and add a yellow half moon and stars. Hang their finished haunted houses on the wall.

12. Dark Drawings: Show your students some examples of Halloween drawings on the board like pumpkins, bats, black cats, the moon and stars, etc. Your kids will now paint any of these drawings on poster paper using glow in the dark paints to take home and hang on their bedroom wall. At bedtime, they will be able to enjoy their paintings as they drift off to sleep.

13. Fruit Fangs: Bobbing for apples is a Halloween favorite activity. Set up a basin of water on a desk and add a few apples. Your kids will take it in turns to bob into the water and pull out an apple using only their teeth.

14. Glowing Ghouls: Hand out stencils of Halloween items. The kids will use them to outline the shape on the front of brown paper bags and then cut out the shape. Now they tape a square of tissue paper inside the bag behind the shape to create a window. Place a candle in the bags and help your kids to carefully light the candle and switch the classroom lights off to see the eerie effect.

15. Spider Desk: Between the back legs of each desk, teach your kids how to stick some masking tape across at various angles and in between to look like a spider’s web. They can add special effects like plastic spiders to complete the look.

16. Painted Pumpkins: Carving pumpkins with a sharp knife is a job only adults should do. But your kids can still make a unique pumpkin by painting a fun design on it. The pumpkins can be painted to look like the full head of their favorite cartoon characters.

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