21 Crazy Classroom Chases and Relay Race Games

Clacts - 21 Crazy Classroom Chases and Relay Race GamesWhat’s the most fun your kids have ever had during the school sports day? Do they remember much apart from the 20m dash and long jump? Are your students able to get up and play fun classroom games in between textbook learning? Coming up with ideas for new activities can be difficult. But we’ve got a list of 21 crazy classroom chases and relay race games to get you started.

Just remember to repeat key instructions, making sure they are clear and concise so kids can easily understand and remember them. Always complete a safety check of the play area before the event and set up safety supervisors if necessary.

But most importantly, play some fun, uplifting music whenever you’re running children’s activities and sports days and arrange enough prizes to reward all participants.

1. Speedy Shoeboxes: Collect a bunch of shoeboxes – one pair for each team. Cut a hole in the shoebox lids big enough for a small foot to go in but not so big it will come out easily. Tape the lids to the shoebox bottoms. Kids must race from start to finish in their shoebox shoes.

2. Three-legged Race: Divide the class into teams of two. Using a tie or short piece of rope, tie the left leg of one student to the right leg of the other. The pairs must race against the other pairs in this crazy three-legged race.

3. Tennis Teams: Hand a tennis ball to each team. It must be held between the kid’s knees while they race from the starting line to the end of the course and back again to pass onto the next teammate. If the ball drops at any stage, they must stop, put the tennis ball back, and start racing again.

4. Balance the Books: Just like Tennis Teams, kids must balance a book on top of their heads and race from one end to the other and back before passing on to the next student.

5. No Ground Untouched: Kids must race one team member at a time by placing one foot directly in front of the other, heel to toe from start to finish. Keep the course short so the kids don’t get too tired.

6. Sack Races: See if you can get a hold of several large potato or coffee bean sacks to play sack races. Kids will take their shoes off, step into the bag and bunny hop all the way to the finish line trying to beat their classmates. Use a knockout system if you can’t get many potato sacks. 

7. Egg and Spoon Race: Bring a splash of color to one of children’s most popular relay race games by boiling eggs in colored water. Kids must balance the egg on a spoon and race from start to finish without dropping their egg. Any student that drops their egg must stop where they, rebalance the egg and begin racing again.

8. Blind Zombie Walk: Divide the class into teams and give each team a blindfold or scarf. One team member at a time will race against each other while their teammates should instructions on getting to the finish line and back again to pass on the blindfold.

9. Hopping Mad: Quite simply, when you say ‘GO’, kids will hop their way to the finish line as fast as they can. No set rules on hopping technique except that feet must be together at all times…unless they fall over of course!

10. Backwards For A Day: Teams line up at the starting position and must race backwards to the finish line.

11. Crab Walk: Kids crawl on all fours with their backside facing the ground while weaving in and out around a line of cones. When they reach the end, the kids will stand up and race back to the start to tag their teammate who will then run the course in their best crab walk technique.

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12. Hurry Hurdles: Teams line up at the starting position and must run as fast as they can to get to the finish line while jumping over short hurdles placed throughout the race track.

13. Hula Heads: Set up a line of hula hoops at least 2m apart on the race track. As kids run the race, they must step into the hula hoops and lift them over their heads before moving on to the next one and so on till they get to the end.

14. Speed Skaters: Best played indoors on a smooth surface, set up a short version of a speed skating ring with cones. Wearing socks, kids have to slide their feet on the floor as if they are ice skating to get to the finish before their competitors.

15. Spiderman: A simple start to finish race. The kicker? Kids must take the Spiderman stance, which means placing their hands on the floor in front of them as they move their arms and legs in an alternating fashion just like Spiderman crawling up the side of a building.

16. Rockin’ Rolls: Taking care not to hurt themselves, kids race each other by doing forward rolls towards the finish line.

17. River Leaps: Place two pieces of rope in parallel lines at various stages in the race track. Kids must sprint and leap over the ‘river’ from just before the first rope and clearing the second one.

18. Dressed to Impress: Add pieces of clothing and accessories at different intervals during race. When they get to a jacket, for example, they must stand in place and put the jacket on before proceeding to the next item. The winner is the first, fully dressed student past the finish line.

19. Mars Munchers: A variation of Dressed to Impress, kids race to a table and chair. On the table is a pair of gloves, a knife and fork, and a plate with a mars bar on it. Kids must run to the table, sit in the chair, put the gloves on and use knife and fork to cut a piece off the mars bar and eat it before taking the gloves off and running back to tag their teammate.

20. The Channel Tunnel: All members of each team stand astride in a line. The first student must crawl under the legs of all team members. When they get to the end, they become the last person in the line and stand with legs astride. The next team member then repeats the same process. Keep playing until the whole team crosses the finish line.

21. Balloon Bonkers: The whole class holds a balloon each. The aim of this contest is to see who can use their head to keep the balloon in the air while moving forward to the finish line.

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