33 Cheap and Free Outdoor School Fair Activity Ideas

Clacts outdoor fair ideasAn outdoor fair is a fantastic, family friendly, fun day out. Holding an outdoor fair can be a great way to give young pupils a break from studying, celebrate the end of the school term, or congratulate graduates before they move on to high school. Here are some fabulous ideas for activities that you can have at your outdoor school fair.

1. Concert: Hire a local acoustic band to come and play for everyone. That way, you won’t need a big stage or expensive speaker setup. Or better yet, ‘hire’ talented students in your school to showcase their musical talents throughout the day.

2. Sumo Wrestling: Hire those massive sumo suits for the day and hold a sumo wrestling competitions. All you need is to mark out a circle on the grass with sand; around 4m across. Either keep a scoreboard and give prizes to the top wrestlers or contestants compete for fun.

3. Amazing Race: Invite students to pair up or even use this as a Parent-Student pairing event. Give teams the first clue and then they must go on a scavenger hunt, working out clues and completing missions at different points at the fair. First team to complete all tasks and get to the finish line wins a prize.

4. Float Parade: As a fun class activity to encourage teamwork among your students, make a float for a parade. Other classes will make floats as well. Then have a parade at the fair to show the school students’ artistic flair.

5. Signed Commemorative Photo: Print a huge poster highlighting the theme of this year’s fair and invite everyone to sign it at the fair. Hang it in the hall of the school and each year, the collection of photos will build into an impressive time-capsule-style gallery.

6. Gunk the Teacher: Place jars for each teacher for fair goers to drop money in as their nomination for that teacher to be gunked. The teacher with the most money after each hour or at a specific time has to sit under a bucket full of gunk. Ask one of the teacher’s students to pull the lever and drop the bucket contents (water, cornflour and food coloring) on the teacher’s head.

7. Lunch Box: Prepare an easy-to-follow recipe for students and parents to cook a lunch box containing a main dish, dessert and drink in ten minutes or less.

8. Cup Cake Contest: Bake lots of cupcake sponges and prepare icing and other cupcake decorations for a stall at the fair. Hold a contest for students to design their own cupcakes. Write their name next to their design and nominate a judge to pick a winner. And then sell all the cupcakes after the contest to raise money for a local charity.

9. Game Week: Set up tables and chairs with a different board game on each table. Bring a wide range of games for each table for all age groups to enjoy like checkers, buckaroo, snakes and ladders, uno, and chess.

10. Pony Rides: Every kids loves ponies. And there’s no better way to get them excited than with pony rides.

11. Arm Wrestling: A super simple yet fun activity for the kids in the ultimate test of strength against their classmates.

12. Basketball Tournament: Set up a basketball net and either hold a free throw contest, with different prizes for scoring 1, 2 or 3 out of 3 shots. Or play one on one games, first to 5 points.

13. Beat the Goalie: Set up some small soccer goals and mark a penalty spot 5 meters from the goals. Nominate a teacher to play the goalie and see how many kids can beat the goalie.

14. Frisbee Throw: See who can throw a Frisbee the longest distance. You’ll need a long field and markers. A football field is perfect for this harder-than-it-looks activity.

15. Horoscopes: This doesn’t have to be anything serious. It can be fun like fortune cookies. When a teacher, pupil or parent gets their fortune told, make sure it is a light-hearted, fun and inspirational message.

16. Beach Party: All you need is a sand pit and paddling pool for little kids to play in. For older kids, a larger sand area for playing beach volleyball would keep them entertained for hours.

17. Art Gallery: At the start of the fair, set up a painting area for kids to design their best painting and hang it up on one of walls at the fair.

18. Costume Contest: Hold a costume contest for students to show their creative side. This is great for a Halloween school fair. Everyone who wears a costume gets a treat.

19. Dog Fashion Show: Set up a ‘dogwalk’ for everyone to dress up and walk their canine companions down and model their funny costumes. Just remember to corner off a piece of land for the dogs to do their business and keep the fair area clean.

20. Cartoon Portraits: Invite a local cartoonist to sketch a cartoon version of the kids and their parents. Or better yet, ask some local art students to volunteer and hone their quick-drawing skills.

21. Country Line Dancing: This is perfect for kids who come in a cowboy or cowgirl costume. All you need is country music and someone who knows the steps to each dance. Great fun for everyone.

22. Karaoke: For all future pop superstars in the school, hire a karaoke machine and let them sign their little hearts out to their favorite pop tunes.

23. Lost and Found Fashion Show: Not your ordinary fashion show, this one has a twist. All the models are sporting items from the lost and found box, which has been gradually filled throughout the school year.

24. Car Wash: Ok so not an instant thought for a fun activity for children, it can still be a lot of fun. Imagine all the kids splashing around with buckets and hoses and super soakers. Bonus: Teachers and parents get a clean car.

25. Olympics: Hold your very own School Mini Olympics. You can have all sorts of events like the long jump, the 25 meter sprint, and

26. Egg and Spoon Race: An oldie but a goodie. All you need are eggs and spoons (duh!). The object of the game is to get from the start to the finish line without dropping the boiled egg from the spoon. The rules are that you can’t hold the egg and if it drops you must stop and re-balance the egg on the spoon before continuing on to the finish line.

Did You Know? Olympic gold medallist Sally Pearson from Australia broke the world record for fastest egg-and-spoon race over 100m in 2013, taking just 16.59 seconds.

27. Blind Obstacle Course: Set up a few obstacles for challengers to climb over, crawl under and zig-zag throw, all while blindfolded. Let the laughter ensue as everyone tries to get to the finish line in one piece.

28. School Videos: A film festival for future actors and directors. As part of the curriculum, students will make a comedy video based on what they are learning; with the help of the teacher of course. Play them on screens at the fair and hand out awards like the Oscars.

29. Chalk Art: Who says concrete has to be boring? Paved walkways are perfect for letting kids loose on their artistic flair. Just make sure each section is safely cornered off to prevent any injuries and ruining the works of art of course.

30. School Mural: Instead of an individual art contest, why not let everyone comes together and paint a fantastic school mural incorporating all the ideas from all the kids in one solid piece.

31. Fair Music: A fair wouldn’t be a fair without entertaining music keeping everyone’s spirits high and enjoying themselves.

32. Fair Decorations: Don’t have time or funds to decorate the entire school fair? A fun, free alternative is to have the fair-goers create them for you as a fun craft activity that displays everyone’s work for all to admire. You can let people design their own posters, banners, and flags.

33. Movie Night: As the sun is setting over your hugely successful outdoor school fair, treat the families to an animated family movie on a big screen. Just for fun, count how many kids are still awake by the end of the movie.

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33 Cheap and Free Outdoor School Fair Activity Ideas

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