45 Lesson Plan Topics for a Wide Range of Subjects

Clacts - 45 lesson plan ideas for many subjectsThe 45 lesson plan topics below are designed to help you realize that you already have the ability to design great learning games for kids and can make any subject truly fun and interesting for your young students.

Using your knowledge and experience of a particular area of interest can stimulate your kids’ creativity into producing useful original content for your lessons.

At the very least I expect that just by reading these ideas your lesson plan ideas will increase. You may not even get to the end of this list before you start planning your next lesson. If you do leave before you finish it then I warmly welcome you back again at any time to review what you found here. These, and many other available resources just like it, are here to help you in any way they can.

Arts and Crafts

1. Show and tell all the methods for creating artwork (painting, drawing, sculpting, arts & crafts, graphic design, etc.).

2. How to make your own art and art supplies from everyday household goods.

3. The study of art and its history, including interesting famous artists of the past like Picasso, Dali and Warhol.


4. How to open a new business and watch videos showing startup advice, tools and services.

5. Create your own brand new business and write a one-page business proposal – Hand out a template for this.

6. Business role-play with managers, employees, customers and clients – Make a business deal, sell a new product and handle a customer complaint.


7. Watch and then write a short review of the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

8. Advice for would-be movie makers (best equipment, locations, lighting, angles, and so on).

9. Design a TV guide that only consists of the shows they want to watch.


10. Go over complimentary colors – cut out pictures from magazines and make a poster with their favorite color combo.

11. How to make their own summer holiday clothes – And then again for their winter wardrobe.

12. Crafting stylish accessories from everyday object to complete their look for free.


13. How to make a yummy yet low-fat treat without an oven. Find recipes at COOK.COM

14. Design a new dish to commemorate a special day of the year such as Earth Day, Valentine’s Day or Halloween.

15. Chocolate cake or lemon tart? Which desserts taste the best after a certain dish?


16. The history of computer games from the early day classics to video games in the home to where we are now with online worlds to the future of wearable game glasses.

17. Design their very own iPad game with instructions, App Store icon, price and 3 screenshots.

18. Teach ergonomics and playing times – How to sit properly when playing and why it’s important to take regular breaks.


19. Teach them about how what they eat plays a major factor in their health.

20. A brief introduction into how the body works – why we breathe, what the brain does with oxygen, how exercise increases oxygen levels and why this is important, etc.

21. All the different ways they can exercise at home while watching TV – they can become their parents’ personal trainer!


22. Showcase cool evidence found at significant historical locations like dinosaur bones.

23. Can they name three presidents of the United States of America and draw a unique characteristic of each?

24. Thought experiments – Teach them about ancient Greece and get them to think about some of the philosophical arguments of that era.


25. Share humorous experiences of their lives with the class.

26. Comedy writing – How to build a funny story to a hilarious climax.

27. Tell them funny poems or limericks from a kid’s book and they must come up with their own.


28. Play ‘guess that song’ with music that cheers everyone up.

29. How to make musical instruments from things lying around the house.

30. They must describe a song that has been written about each one of them – why does the song feature those particular things?


31. Review a local news item and write a short article about it – What happened? Who was there?

32. Design the front cover of their school newspaper including headline and main image.

33. Come up to the whiteboard and forecast this week’s weather to the class.


34. Calling all sports fanatics out there, write a report on the last game they attended. If they haven’t been to a game recently then make it up.

35. Design a new sports kit for their favorite sports team…can be any sport or hand out these soccer kit worksheets.

36. Teach them about the importance of warming up and cooling down – All they need to know about injury prevention.


37. Showcase new versions of old products that easily outclass the previous ones in terms of usefulness, ease of use and design.

38. Discovering the latest cutting-edge technology that will be available in the near future.

39. Blogging for beginners – Get them to come up with an idea for a blog they’d like to start and list a few article topics or compile photos for a gallery.


40. Kids tell the class about all the special places they have been to and what they did there.

41. Travel agency role play – booking a trip through a high-street travel agency.

42. Draw what they want to pack in their suitcases before they travel to Iceland or Australia.


43. How to read labels on food items, cleaning products and other things around the home.

44. How to find what they are looking for using quick and safe internet use.

45. How to complete many of the household chores kids love to hate quickly, efficiently and enjoyably.

If at any time you are stuck with what to do before your next class, either because you are introducing a new topic or you feel like you want to give a boring subject a shot of excitement, then by referring back to some of the lesson plan topics found in the list above, you can design a fantastic lesson the kids will enjoy as you get back to doing what you do best – teaching.

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