About Clacts

Clacts stands for Class Activities (CL-ass ACT-ivitie-S). We also stand for early childhood education. That’s why we’re committed to building one the most comprehensive educational websites on the web.

We know that learning isn’t all about listening to the teacher all day long or reading from a boring textbook. If it was then no-one would be interested in education and would think of it more like a chore. Lifelong learning is and always should fun no matter your age and we believe that encouraging a thirst for knowledge is best achieved through educational games.1001-Clacts-Book-3D

Clacts loves teaching kids how to play our favorite game of crab soccer. Kids love it, adults love it and we’ve written the ultimate guide to playing crab soccer if you’re looking for a fun soccer drill activity or new game to play during gym class.

Clacts is the one-stop shop for teaching resources. We’ve split up our posts into several categories to make it easier for you to navigate our site and find exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, there will be articles that fit into more than one category because they offer cross-curricular learning. Here are the categories:

Whether you’re looking for free activities for kids, lesson plan templates or teaching English as a second language, Clacts is right up there as one of the best teacher websites around.