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50 Awesome Free Learn Reading Resources

With endless online reading games and videos, the Internet is an excellent resource to help children complete reading homework assignments and helps both parents and teachers teach reading to children. As a kid, reading is vital for future learning. Accurate reading increases efficiency when studying other subjects and makes it easier to communicate and learn. […]

Top 10 Free iPad Apps For Teaching Children To Tell Time

Educational apps for teaching children to tell time are simple and effective ways to introduce educational technology at home and in the classroom. The beauty of teaching with iPads is that many interactive tell time app games go well beyond the simple “how to tell time” and bring in additional learning objectives such as math, […]

7 Fun Group Activities For Teaching English

Improve English student’s communication, vocabulary and public speaking skills with these 7 fun group activities for teaching English. Perfect for older children and adults, these creative word games can be played for enhancing your students’ enthusiasm for learning English, improving their English abilities and making everyone feel comfortable in the group in an entertaining way. […]

10 Essential Learning Apps And Free Online Teacher Resources

No more late nights trying to create lesson plans and progress reports. Reclaim those lost hours by making the best use of technology in the classroom. Thanks to these essential learning apps and free online teaching resources, you’ll be able to craft fun lesson plans in a flash and better engage your students in interactive […]