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Another 65 Fun Class Presentation Ideas For Kids

Thanks to the popularity of our post 65 Exciting Class Presentation Topics For Kids, we’re pleased to provide another 65 class presentation ideas for children to make public speaking in class fun for your students and boost your list of presentation topics to choose from. Presenting in front of other, whether in class or in […]

Top 10 Free iPad Apps For Teaching Children To Tell Time

Educational apps for teaching children to tell time are simple and effective ways to introduce educational technology at home and in the classroom. The beauty of teaching with iPads is that many interactive tell time app games go well beyond the simple “how to tell time” and bring in additional learning objectives such as math, […]

10 Essential Learning Apps And Free Online Teacher Resources

No more late nights trying to create lesson plans and progress reports. Reclaim those lost hours by making the best use of technology in the classroom. Thanks to these essential learning apps and free online teaching resources, you’ll be able to craft fun lesson plans in a flash and better engage your students in interactive […]