Four Fun Fashion Design Classroom Games for Kids

Clacts - Kids Fashion Design Course Class ActivityNo lectures, no textbooks, and absolutely no coloring within the lines, these fashion design classroom games are perfect for getting kids up, moving and showing off their creativity with clothing.

We present four of the best individual and collaborative fashion class activities and possibly the coolest mini-fashion design course for creative kids aged 5-10.

Three of the artistic activities need a certain amount of clothing and accessories. So if you’re struggling to put together a big enough pile then bring your unwanted items from home, ask your friends and other teachers or grab everything from the lost and found box; all washed beforehand of course.

Single Style: This is an individual class activity. Pile as many second hand shirts, t-shirts, skirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, wigs, jewelry, scarves, hats, socks and other accessories as you can gather in the middle of the room.

With the kids standing in a circle, choose one student at random to dive into the pile and grab an item they would like to use in their outfit. After selecting an item, it’s now the turn of the pupil to the left to select.

By the time each student has picked out an item and put it on, it will be their turn to dive in again for the next one. Go round 8 times and see who can wear the wackiest outfit.

To make this a more educational classroom activity, each student must answer a trivia question to be able to attack the pile. If they answer incorrectly then they either miss their turn or, if it’s after the first round, lose a piece of clothing they selected previously. The winner is the student with the most complete and creative outfit after 8 times round the circle.

Blind Design: Get everyone to choose a partner for this task. One of the partners will be the designer and the other is the model. Ask the designers to stand in circles of four facing outwards and the models should stand in front of their designer.

Place a big heap of t-shirts, hats, gloves, odd socks, scarves, shorts and skirts in the middle of each circle and give each model a blindfold to put on their designer. With their eyes covered, the designers must reach into the pile of garments to dress their model. Each model must be wearing a hat, scarf, top, bottoms, gloves and socks within 5 minutes.

After time is up, ask the designers to remove their blindfold and see their creation. Hold a short fashion show with the chic models and award prizes for the best and most complete design. Swap roles and start the activity again.

Did You Know? At just 13 years old, Isabella Rose Taylor was the youngest designer ever in NY Fashion Week.

Project Sockway: For this classroom game, you need pairs of socks for half the number of students in your class. So for a class of 20 students, you need 10 pairs of socks.

Give half the students a cut-out head and neck shape, shirt, scarf and one sock and give the other half cut-out hands shapes, a pair of jeans, hat and one sock.

When you say ‘GO’, they must get out of their seat and go find the person with the other sock that matches theirs. Then as a couple, they must race to the front of the class and place all their collective items on the floor to ‘dress’ their model and make a complete outfit.

The first team to find their partner and dress their floor model wins. Extra points are awarded to kids with the initiative to decorate their face and hand cut-outs with features, make-up and accessories.

Tissue Tailor: This fun design game is all about making clothes out of nothing but tissue paper, crepe paper and even toilet paper if you fancy. It’s a lot like Blind Design but demands a lot more creativity and delicate styling from your young designers.

Split the class into groups of three; two designers and one model to be decided among themselves. Without the blindfold (cos that would be too difficult and probably end in a poked eye), the designers will use crepe paper, tissue paper and sticky tape to carefully make a complete outfit on their model.

Watch as some teams create a masterpiece while others can’t work because they are in stitches laughing while turning their model into a monster. My sincere apologies for the mess left behind at the end but the hilarious memories will be worth it.

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