1001 Fun Class Activities & Learning Games


Have a LAUGH with MATH ! – Teach kids to EXTRACT the confidence to ACT !
Amuse and AMAZE with ARTS and CRAFT DAYS ! – Raise many CHUCKLES with LOGICAL PUZZLES !
Knock them for SIX with cool MAGIC TRICKS ! – Teach ESL students to SPELL and then STORYTELL !
For lesson plans to SUCCEED, this book you MUST READ ! – Fuel their passion for SCIENCE and hear no DEFIANCE !
Learning games help TRAIN their left and right BRAIN ! – Public speaking is ESSENTIAL for unlocking their POTENTIAL !
Memory games will ENTHRALL and build percentage RECALL ! – Small hands will RUB at the sight of HEALTHY GRUB !
Get ready to GASP at their ability to GRASP ! – Research has SHOWN play keeps the brain in the ZONE !
Icebreakers kickstart your YEAR while new friendships APPEAR ! – Develop their SENSES with ZERO EXPENSES !
Group games are SUPREME for teaching the concept of TEAM ! – Activities GALORE leave kids wanting MORE !
To teach with more GUSTO, this book is a MUSTO ! – 1001 ! Non-stop educational FUN !
When it comes to tech in the class, this book’s got your BACK;
demonstrate safe, focused use, whether iPAD, WINDOWS or MAC !

Product Description

This abundant resource has 1001 Fun Class Activities & Learning Games you need to make the most instructive and enjoyable lesson plans right at your fingertips.

Inside you’ll find a huge variety of cross curricular activities that are ideal for playing in the classroom, at home on a rainy day, and even in the car:

The Class Activities & Learning Games Include:

  • Icebreakers: Start your school year with a bang and create a safe, friendly environment for kids to make new friends while having fun developing social skills.
  • Arts and Crafts: Everyone gets a kick out of creating cool artwork and wicked crafts.
  • English Activities: Learning grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and reading doesn’t have to be boring with fun ESL games.
  • Science Activities: Watch as your kids’ eyes light up when they make amazing discoveries in class.
  • Math Games: Awesome math activities for teachers and parents to encourage math skills.
  • Geography Activities: Learn about this amazing world we live in through fun geography games.
  • Public Speaking: The more you encourage your kids to speak in public, the more you boost their confidence in all areas of their lives.
  • Drama Games: Raise future Brad Pitts and Meryl Streeps with hilarious yet self-esteem building drama improv games.
  • Group Activities: Involve the entire class as they work together or against each other in these kid’s group games.

iPads and tablets offer a huge range of free interactive apps for kids to play on their mobile devices in class. That’s why we added engaging iPad activities and safe internet training lessons for kids.

What’s more, we’ve added some delicious fruit and vegetable recipes and cool exercise games to teach your kids healthy habits and valuable life skills they will continue to use into adulthood.

Plus, we’ve added loads of ideas you can run for a successful school fair and spooky Halloween parties.

Each activity and game has both a number and unique name to give your brain an extra connection to help you remember what you read. Here are a few examples:

  • Multipliteracy: A group English game that packs a numerical punch.
  • Add Ominoes: A fun math activity using dominoes and equations.
  • Groovy Gloves: A groovy improv drama game with invisible gloves.
  • Elephantangles: A wacky fitness activity with an elephant twist.


For Teachers, Parents, Babysitters, ESL Teachers of All Age Groups

These activities can be easily adapted with varying levels of difficulty to suit absolutely every age and skill level from kindergarten to college.

Whether you teach preschool, primary school, high school, college, home school, or looking for fun ESL activities for adults during your gap year abroad, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this book.

Here’s what a happy Amazon customer actually said about the book:

I was lucky to grab the book soon after its release – it was early November so the school year has already started and I had already run out of standard ideas to engage class. Looking for games I have found this book – at first the title didn’t convince me – 1001 activities in a book? It would either have to be at least 1000 pages long, making it huge and uncomfortable to scroll on my kindle, or the activities would have to be copy pasted one-liners. Lucky for me, the author of the book has found the sweet spot between the quantity and quality. I am only writing this review now, because I wanted to test them in practice – most of the activities surprised me very positively – even though I am coming up with ways to keep my class engaged for a living. They are not there to help you waste time so the kids and you can somehow survive till the end of the class – instead, they engage your pupils intellectually and bring the kids closer together, while training their maths or English skills. Content-wise everything is very easy to read, all of the activities are separated into easy to navigate categories, which are very easy to browse through, making the ones we need easy to find. The only drawback is that there are so many great ideas in this book, it is impossible to try all of them with one class even in a year!

With this goldmine of learning activities for kids on demand, teachers, parents, and babysitters can simply pick up this book, flip to any page, and find entertaining ways to teach children math, science, English, art, technology, and engage in mind-boggling puzzles.

Don’t waste time hunting through countless teacher websites and school workbooks to find fun classroom activities for your students.

Whether you teach preschool, primary school, high school, home school, or need ESL activities for adults, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this book.



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