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12 Class Activities To Get Kids Moving Without Any Exercise Equipment

Exercise like calisthenics and aerobics can help keep a kid’s body and mind fit and healthy. Kid’s exercises are also perfect for helping children learn to manage their emotions and be more attentive in class. The best part of all is that you need absolutely no expensive exercise equipment to get kids moving. See what […]

10 Easy Ways To Energize Your Classroom Environment For Activities

Students learn much better when the classroom environment is conducive to learning. As the teacher, you can easily control how your classroom is set up during educational activities to stimulate more of your children’s five senses and encourage whole-brain learning. The following 10 ways to energize your classroom environment can have a positive effect on your […]

11 Cross-Curricular Soccer-Themed Class Activities

Discover eleven fantastic cross-curricular class activities for using soccer and the World Cup to bring art, arithmetic, geography and imagination to your classroom. Interdisciplinary learning at its best! 1. Design Your Own Kit: Print off this soccer kit line drawing and hand it out to all the students along with markers and pencils for them […]