In addition to our regularly updated blog that features list after list of great class activity ideas for kids and adults, we’ve got extra high-quality teaching resources for you to use in your classroom and school today.

Plan Lessons Easy

Our newly-released book 1001 Fun Class Activities & Learning Games is a collection of new educational activities mixed with classic and revised learning games that you and your kids will love.

Download and start using the pdf version today. Or get the paperback edition delivered from Amazon and keep it in the classroom for whenever you need learning activity ideas for kids.

Whiteboard Games

Check out this guide to help you make better use of your classroom whiteboard.

Incorporate colors, hold question and answer sessions, keep scores, encourage student collaboration, watch a documentary – all to make classroom learning fun thanks to your trusty whiteboard.

Free Classroom Material

When you’re coming up with a plan for your learning activities and fun class projects, you’ll want to be able to get your hands on a lot of extra items to make sure it goes well. On the other hand, while you want what’s best for your student’s education and enjoyment, you don’t want to pay a lot of money out of your own pocket for class material; no matter if you’re a full-time teacher or a volunteer teaching English as a second language abroad.

Here are some ideas on where to collect some free class material when designing your classroom activities. Some will come in handy for teaching kids, some for teaching adults, and some that can be used for both.