Young Students Love “Thor’s Hammer” Classroom Activity

Clacts - Thor’s Hammer Quick Classroom ActivityThor’s Hammer is a great classroom activity for young students in a small group. It’s so effective in getting kids interested in learning that even parents can set up this quick game to play at home. As a result, you could be enhancing your child’s development in certain subjects while spending that all-important quality time together.

No matter where this exciting class game is played, these are some things to keep in mind:

  • Thor’s Hammer works best in small groups. Aim for groups of between two to four children plus the teacher or parent.
  • A round table gives everyone an equal chance during the game as well as having the advantage of stopping anyone feeling left out if sat at the end of a rectangular table. Encouraging participation is a major factor behind the success of Thor’s Hammer learning game for children.
  • Most importantly, this activity, like all safe educational classroom games involving young children, does not require the use of actual tools. Using a real hammer is most definitely not a good idea. Instead, your young superheroes will be using an ‘air hammer.’

Ok, so that’s enough of the boring pre set-up info. No-one enjoys reading the instructions but hey, they do often come in handy to keep your students safe from harm and enthusiastic to learn. Anyway, let’s now get into the actual playing of the game.

Step 1:

Select a subject that your students are currently studying in class. Of course you can use this game to go over any material you like – teaching English as a foreign language, how to perform simple arithmetic or even something that isn’t in the curriculum – but for this example, let’s pretend you’re teaching them about animals.

More specifically, you want to go over animal names. So, what you’ll do is grab yourself a few sheets of card and draw some pictures of animals you’d like to go over and cut them out into squares of equal size. If you’re no good at drawing, then you can just as easily print off some cartoon animal pictures you find on the internet. Remember to keep it interesting with a variety of colors.

Step 2:

Gather your study group around the table and hand each child their own ‘Thor’s Hammer.’ Tell them that they now have in their hands the most powerful hammer in the world, more powerful than Thor’s, and only they have the strength to lift it. Tell them you want them to look at the cards you will put on the table and when they see an animal they know, they have to slam their hammer, complete with the thunderous noise it makes, onto the card and tell everyone what it is.

Did You Know? Thor’s Hammer, also called Mjölnir, had a worthiness enchantment placed on it, meaning it can only be wielded by anyone who has been found worthy. Will your clever students prove themselves worthy to wield Thor’s Hammer?

Step 3:

Now it’s up to you to reveal the first card from your prepared deck…and perhaps cover your ears as your little superheroes wow you with their knowledge of animal names and excitement to let you know what they know.

Step 4:

Decide who was first in slamming their hammer onto the card and give that child the chance to guess what it is. Correct answers get a point while wrong answers mean the chance to guess passes on to the next child.

Step 5:

Keep going until all cards are complete and give each student a reward. Final points don’t matter so much at the end but they can increase motivation during the game.

So the next time you want to get your kids more interested in a certain topic, why not call upon the legend of Thor and see who’s got what it takes to be the best hammer slammer?

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